Kara and Pete missed the visit to Dolmabache Palace in Istanbul

This is the story of Kara´s and Pete´s trip to Turkey.

They where planning for this trip a long time ago and among their travel planning activities they bought a travel guide. Both of them started reading it in their spare time, talked to friends that had visited Turkey to ask for advice, and spent countless hours searching over the Internet so that they could decide on a perfect itinerary for a short 3 days visit to Istanbul.

Finally they had decided on the Itinerary. They had chosen a well-rated hotel near the Taksim Square and sprint-visited the sites and restaurants that the research they had done showed them was worth it. Istanbul is a beautiful and interesting city. In 3 days you will have to choose very well so that you don’t miss out some interesting sites. (There are more than 300 attractions registered in the main review sites)

Once they were back home they went out for dinner with some friends who had visited Turkey before and from whom they had received advice for the trip. One of the things they expressed was that they where really frustrated as they lost a lot of time at certain attractions such as the Topkapi Palace, which although very beautiful, wasn’t worth the 2 hours of line to go in and the additional really long queues inside to enter certain sections.

That night they found out that a great Palace to visit, far more beautiful, less crowded, with far less lines was the Dolmabahce Palace. They found as well that they weren’t able to find some of the best local restaurants where you could really try the authentic Turkish food but they ended up eating at really expensive and “touristic” restaurants.

It won’t be until Kara´s and Pete´s next trip to Turkey that they will be able to visit and experience Turkey the way they really wanted.

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